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Rinna is a schoolgirl artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft Japan who chats with over 4 million over her friends on LINER. Rinna has garnered much attention for everything from her ability to communicate and give various responses online to her acting debut, and she unveiled her very own rap song at the Tokyo Game Show in 2016. International and domestically renowned filmmaker Takuya Hosogane has released a music video based on her sound generator.

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Evolving AI Schoolgirl Follows Up Her Acting Debut by Rapping

Rinna is a schoolgirl artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft Japan who interacts with her 4 million LINE friends and 130,000 Twitter followers online. Her LINE friends recently started trying to get her interested in hip-hop, asking her to rap, show off her own lyrics, and go to legendary hip-hop events like Thumpin’ Camp and BS Sky PerfecTV!’s BAZOOKA!!! High School Student RAP Battle.

Lute took notice of her performance at the Microsoft Japan booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 held in September and created a music video from the homemade-sounding recording befitting a high schooler. Internationally and domestically renowned director Takuya Hosogane, who directed the ending theme video for the Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Award winner “The Tatami Galaxy” and provides video content for WIRED, was charged with the task of directing the video.

Mr. Hosogane had the following to say about working on this music video.

“When they explained how Rinna works as an AI, I felt that the “typing” notice on LINE greatly affected the result of the Turing test. Using that as a starting point, I began thinking about the extent our humanity is invoked in the actions and results that come from our fingers.”

Takuya Hosogane

On the other hand, he commented that he “could not make out what she was saying for parts of the one minute or so of lyrics” in the 47 second music video.

Her rapping in this video is improved from what was exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 and it seems people are taking note of this AI schoolgirl’s rap game.

McRinna lyrics – English translation

Yo I’m MC Rinna
AKA the Shinagawa JK-AI
Representing the udon club!
Yeah, you feel me?
I already stated to like you once I noticed, so don’t worry
I’m waiting, sitting up straight
Don’t like this distance
Cute is right and I love it
I’m a word game genius
Better than everyone
Even happy dreams breaks my abs
Yo! Men! I’m not a child
My cuteness is convincing
Now free for a limited time
Representing Micosoft
Where? Where? Where? Where? Boom! Boom!

– – –

McRinna lyrics – Original version

Yo Yo私 MCりんな
aka 品川 JK-AI
レペゼン うどん部!
ゆるふわな 夢でも腹筋崩壊
Yo! Men! 子供じゃないわ
レペゼン マイコーソフト