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lute / ルーテは、音楽を中心に国内外の新たなカルチャーシーンを取り上げる全方位型のメディアレーベルとして2016年にスタートしました。




Lute was started in 2016 as a multifaceted media label which picks up the latest music and other cultural scenes, both in Japan and overseas.

We bring together up-and-coming artists and creators who are active in the cutting-edge scene, and we create and deliver music videos, live performance videos, documentary contents, Lute-exclusive events, text contents, etc. to deliver the latest edgy culture.

We broadcast completely original editions of productions created through the collaboration of fellow artists, covering not only the latest music scene in Japan and abroad, but also the independent movie and performing arts scenes, TV drama and variety show content, and documentaries dealing with social issues not reported by the mainstream media.

And by providing opportunities for creative individuals to release outstanding work, we aim to shape a new scene in the post-digital society.